Growth Groups at Holy Trinity

What is a growth group?

Growth groups are small gathering of people who meet weekly in homes to discover the word of God together.  Members help each other to think through what God is saying.

What do I have to do in the group?

Simply enjoy getting to know others around a discussion about the Bible.  A typical meeting will have time for coffee, time for chatting about life, a discussion around the Bible and Christian living, and time for prayer.  You simply act as you would in any discussion – listening and contributing where you feel you can.  You don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

What is each group member’s responsibility?

Be at all meetings – an erratic attendance will not foster a group dynamic.  Of course, there may be times when missing a meeting will be unavoidable – that’s life – just let the leader know so that everyone isn’t kept waiting because they are expecting you.

What day and time do the groups meet?

Holy Trinity has various groups that meet during the week, all catering for different needs please see list below to find a group or email for more info.


Tuesday – Vredehoek 19:30 Matthew Scarborough – David Jacobs – Daniel de Freitas 083 477 2189
Tuesday – Green Point 19:30 Bridget Parr 071 941 0997
Wednesday – Holy Trinity 10:00 Bridget Parr 071 941 0997
Wednesday – Oranjezicht 19:15 Alan Noble 082 393 1853
Wednesday –
19:45 Chris Warton 021 462 2532
Thursday –
19:30 Grant Owens – Ross McGill 082 923 5018
 Thursday – Sea Point  19:30 Christiaan Botha – Jonathan Lamprechts 060 846 9932
Every alternate Sunday  – Family Bible Growth Group (HTC) 12:30 Shaun Courtney –
Munya Hozheri
082 371 2046
Every alternate Sunday  – Family Bible Growth Group (HTC) – Southern Suburbs 12.30 Various leaders 083 321 7155

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