What is HTC Heartstrings?


Heartstrings is a ministry that serves members in our church who cannot put food on their tables every day.  A ministry that enables us to live out our church motto when we say we are a church where the people are loved.

Currently this ministry serves 12 people on a weekly basis. Food, basic household cleaning products and toiletry products are included in the care parcels. These much needed items are generously donated by members in our congregation. Our gratitude towards the donors run very deep, as we would not be able to continue our giving if it weren’t for them.

The team consists of 4 members: Manasse, Urim, Roné and Catherine – each of whom have a duty Sunday to receive goods and take them to the pantry. On Friday mornings Catherine packs parcels and does deliveries. When she is not available, she is assisted by the rest of the team.

People in need are identified by the pastor as well as small group leaders and members of the congregation. Should anyone pick up a need, it can be discussed with Alan Noble or Catherine Ward and the situation will be investigated.

Our future plan for heartstrings, is to link Pick and Pay smart shopper cards to the ministry. This proposal will be put before the congregation in due course.

The heartstrings ministry does not belong to the heartstrings. It is God’s ministry and all the Glory and thanks go to Him. 

Your role in HTC Heartstrings:

We would like to ask you the members of our church to please consider buying a few extra’s, as you are able, when you go shopping and to bring these through to the church on a Sunday morning. These items will be collected and made available to members of Holy Trinity who are in need.


Items that are needed:

Food items (Cans, non perishables etc.)
Toiletries (Dioderants, Soap, Shampoo, Tampons / Sanitary Pads)
Home cleaning products
Baby products (Nappies, wetwipes, bum cream etc.)


What to do with items you have to give:

Bring them with you on a Sunday and take them to Catherine Ward who will be in the main office of the church (follow the doors next to the pulpit).


What will happen with these items:

These items will be given to members of Holy Trinity who are in need and currently going through a difficult time.



For more information on Heartstrings, please contact Catherine at karoogypsy@gmail.com

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Our Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank, Cape Town

Branch number: 020009

Account Name: Holy Trinity Church

Account Number: 070449783 (Cheque a/c)